About Autumn

My Life's Purpose is to Help People Become the Best Version of Themselves

For many years, I was at war with food. I hated my body and put it through torture to be the shape I thought it should be. I hopped from diet to diet, crazy exercise routines, and did countless cleanses. I could lose weight, but at the cost of other parts of my life falling to pieces… it was never sustainable for long. I often felt anxious, sometimes depressed, and was obsessed with having “the perfect body”.

When I started looking at food as medicine, and understood that my body and mind was literally made up of what I ate, things began to change. I began to listen to my compulsions instead of pushing them away, as my body was telling me exactly what hurt, or helped it.

 My body’s genuine needs became fulfilled when I could read the symptoms it presented and feed it in a way that gave me a healthy weight and boosted my metabolism. This was a game changer, and helped me to eat intuitively. Letting go of perfection has been a long journey (still a practice) and it was one of the best things that changed my relationship with food.

For over a decade, I’ve worked steadily to balance responsibilities as a family focused mother, full time business professional, and active member of my community. After years of struggles, I’ve found shortcuts and many ah-ha moments that I wish I would have had on my journey. I’ve gathered these best practices and want to share this wisdom with other professionals so they can circumvent the path to find their natural weight. 

You CAN have it all… its achievable with simple actions and building them into one’s lifestyle. I’m honored to have helped many people with behavior change and becoming their best selves.

Get clarity on your weight loss challenges and what’s truly holding you back, so you can finally unleash the real you. Click the button below to book a Discovery Call with me.

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