Meal Prep 101

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Cooking your own meals is a big part of consistently eating healthy. Preparing them in advance helps you to stay on track with achieving your weight goals, since you don’t have to think or cook later… you just grab and go. YOU are the master of your nourishment.

Its best to start small, and prepare one meal at a time, for three days worth of eating. This will make it less daunting, and will allow it to be easier to integrate into your lifestyle.

In this lesson, we will be making lunch, for three days in advance.

Asian Inspired Bowl

Step 1- Go Shopping

  • Choose one Whole Grain: Brown rice, wild rice, or black rice
  • Choose one Protein: Tofu, salmon, high quality protein (grass fed, humanely and pasture raised meat)
  • Choose one Sauce: Braggs coconut or regular aminos (soy sauce alternitive)
  • Choose one Fat: coconut oil, ghee, avocado oil
  • Choose a few Vegetables: Kale, spinach, carrots, celery, others to your liking
  • Choose a few Spices: Garlic, ginger, others to your liking

Step 2- Cook It Up

  1. Put three servings of your chosen grain into a pot and cook according to the directions.
  2. While that is on the stovetop, start cooking your protein. Baked or air fryer tends to be a healthier option.
  3. Once those two are complete, we’ll start the sauté . Put the healthy fat, veggies and spices and aminos in a large skillet and cook until dampened, mixed together nicely, and tasting how you like.

Step 3- Contain Your Creation

  1. Use containers with two-three dividers, so the food does not touch while in storage. This will help stabilize the meal until ready to eat. I use these glass containers from Amazon to keep extra fresh.
  2. Divide your Whole Grains, Protein, and Sautee mixture into thirds.
  3. Fill each compartment with a food group into the different containers. Each container should have one of each food group.
  4. Let them cool, then put the lid on and refrigerate.

Now you have lunch for the next three days!

Prepare food like this twice per week, and you’ll have plenty of food ready to go when you are hungry. This will help you make choosing the right foods easy, and you’ll be less susceptible to reaching for high processed, prepackaged that are taking you further away from your goals.

This is just the beginning of meal preparation. At some point, you’ll want variations, and the understanding of how to prepare multiple meals at one time. It took me a long time to learn how to do this with ease, time efficiency, and to keep the food tasting great. I’d love to share my tips and tricks with you, so you can learn from my failures and successes. Book a Discovery Call with the link below to learn more about building this cornerstone habit.

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