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True Stories from People Just Like You

What you’re about to read are true stories from past clients who, just like you, started with a dream to transform their weight and wellbeing. With the right guidance and support, those dreams have become their reality, and I couldn’t be more excited to share their experiences with you below.

When I was looking for help with nutrition, Autumn NeSmith came very highly recommended. She was always pleasant and had a sense of humor that kept me smiling. Not only have I been able to lose additional weight but I have developed lifestyle changes which will benefit me for the rest of my life.

It is amazing how alert and energized I feel since beginning working with her. I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food. I stopped being anxious about weight loss and began thinking that I was learning to change my life.

As I got to know Autumn I began to realize the depth of her knowledge about nutrition, diet, exercise, and disease prevention to name a few, was superior. She has a strong desire to find different ways to help me with fighting cancer. After working with her for only two months my numbers all went down, my doctors were surprised how good I was doing. I am impressed with her drive to find healthy ways to help my body heal and to prevent further problems. I am thankful for what she has contributed to my health care. I am thrilled to be able to say I work with her.

Headshot of Scott
Scott M.,
Industrial Environment Maintenance
There were many important lessons that I took away from working with Autumn. Most important, was to enjoy what you eat. To take your time when eating, taste the food and savor the flavors and textures. Not only does this make me happy, but it also boosts your metabolism. Now, I always think about veggies and greens and how I can easily add them into meals, such as spinach in my smoothie. She taught me not to starve myself, since that takes me further away from my weight loss goals.

For me, eating 4-5 small meals throughout the day is more helpful. You need to enjoy food, and if you cheat a little, it’s not the end of the world. I enjoyed the Circle of Life worksheet, which gave me visuals to help me remember goals and progress.

Autumn was very knowledgeable, and really helped me look at things differently, in a more positive way. I liked that she sent me new recipes based on foods I liked, so I could get creative with healthy meal options, which helped me stay on track.

If you’re considering working with Autumn, know that she’s very knowledgeable with nurturing a person as a whole, and helps you to shift your mindset to a more positive vantage point.

Deb L.
IT Partner Program Manager
When I was facing major surgery, my neurosurgeon recommended that I contact Autumn to help me get as healthy as possible before the procedure. Little did I know that Autumn would change my life.

She helped me develop so many good habits I’ll have for life. I now have complete control of what I eat, and I don't need to eat because someone else says to, or if something doesn't match my knowledge of nutrition and life goals. She has also helped me with impulse control, so I don’t reach for for certain foods and beverages when I feel stressed, or “nibbly”. I still eat treats, but they are built in to my diet, so I have them guilt free. Autumn taught me how to meal prep, so I have breakfast and lunch food on hand every day, and can make a nutritious meal in minutes.

A big "ah-ha" moment for me was to realize that I am allowed, and responsible for, taking care of myself first. I don't have to take care of everyone else before taking care of me. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

I would recommend Autumn to anyone. She is kind and knowledge, understanding and helpful, and she has taught me so much about nutrition. The best part about working with Autumn, is that she is always there for me. She has a real and genuine interest in me and my health and supports me in every way. She is a great role model and always has great advice for handling certain situations.

Autumn is a real gem!
Betty S.
Retired Audiologist

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You’ve just read about the incredible results of some of my past clients, people who shared your same challenges but also your dream of better health. Their journey from where you are to where you want to be started with a single step, and for a short time, I’m excited to offer that same opportunity to you. If you’re ready to get started, click the button below now to book your free Weight Loss Clarity Call.

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